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Case Study

Verizon’s Innovative Learning Series

“In classrooms from Bristol to Burlington to Dover and all across America.” — Kindly supported photographer Kevin Zacher and a motion unit with a very small and non-invasive crew with documenting Verizon’s Innovative Learning (VIL) program. VIL provides free technology, internet and hands-on learning curricula to over 100 underserved schools around the country. And we were lucky enough to be tasked with traveling to 17 cities within a 4 month time period and document how the program rolled out across the States. Capturing hundreds of students under the self-consenting age and working within schools meant that Kindly needed to be on top of gathering signed releases and working in very unique individual and non-production friendly environments well outside of the country’s production hub cities.

Production Details

Kindly Provided

  • Stills and motion crew
  • Location scouting
  • Location and student and teacher releases
  • Tech assistance
  • Travel across the US
  • On-site production


Photographer: Kevin Zacher

Client: Verizon

Agency: 140 NYC


17 cities and middle schools across the United States

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