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Case Study

lululemon with NBA’s Kyle O’Quinn

Kindly and NYC photographer Aundre Larrow shot multiple locations and looks run’n’gun style with NBA player Kyle O’Quinn for a short one-day shoot for lululemon. When shooting multiple locations in a short space of time with a recognizable sports person and with Covid-19 health and safety at the forefront, we needed to stay constantly alert with what was happening on set while maintaining constant communication and review with our creative partners at lululemon in Canada. We worked with a skeleton crew and reviewed shots via Zoom on-the-go. Shooting with Kyle and Aundre, and the rest of the crew, made for a really fun shoot day despite the challenges!

Production Details

Kindly Provided

  • Art Buying
  • Crew
  • Equipment
  • Locations
  • On-site production support


Talent: Kyle O’Quinn
Photographer: Aundre Larrow
Agent: Tinker Street
B-Roll Camera: Ray Spears
Client: lululemon


New York

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