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Case Study

Bon Jovi: 2020 Album Artwork

This shoot occurred in two parts. The first part was a studio shoot with Jon Bon Jovi. We needed to find a studio that had a mix of environment, cyc, and also interesting surrounding areas to shoot privately outdoors. The second part of the shoot was on location with all the band members. Jon and photographer Clay collaborated on concepts and they had a very clear vision of wanting a location that had a lot of character, felt grand and also worn-in/raw. We had very inclement weather with rain and high winds which proved to be challenging, but we had a great team with an all hands on deck attitude who made the day go smoothly.

Production Details

Kindly Provided

  • Stills crew
  • Equipment sourcing
  • Location scouting
  • Location
  • Studio
  • Prop and Wardrobe Styling
  • Celebrity Talent Fitting, Transport, and Rider
  • On-site production


Photographer: Clay Patrick McBride

Client: Island | Universal Music Group


Brooklyn, NY and Long Island, NY

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